We're Finally Here!

Hey! We're Ed and Candace, the father daughter team that created 1:29, a plant based snack company located in Central Florida. We are so excited to tell you about our very first snack, our Dashew Spreads! Our spreads are a mixture of cashew butter and date paste, with a few superfoods mixed in. There are five flavors and each one is seriously oh so good! Our spreads are a great addition to pancakes, waffles, toast, crackers, or anything else you would usually put nut butter or hummus on. Our aim for this blog is to help our readers learn a little bit more about living a plant based lifestyle, and to share updates about our company and snacks. If you want to keep up with us and all of the fun stuff we're creating feel free to subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on Instagram @129plantsfirst!

Talk to you soon,

Ed and Candace

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