A Peak into our Ingredients

When creating Dashew Butter it was important for us to choose whole food, organic ingredients. We wanted a product that tasted great and was indulgent, while still being loaded with nutrients and health benefits. Our Dashew Butter has a base of organic cashews and dates.

Why cashews? Cashews have a great mild flavor and have the opportunity to become so rich and creamy when blended into recipes. While the cashew is classified as a nut, it's technically a seed. Cashews are native to Brazil and are rich in copper, zinc, magnesium, iron, and selenium. They are great for your heart, eyes, skin, hair, bones, joints, and nerves. With so many great health benefits we knew cashews were the right choice for us!

Dates are the other base ingredient of our butter, and boy do we love a good date! Dates are an amazing natural sweetener and their gooey caramel like taste and texture make them a great base ingredient for our butter. Dates are an excellent source of dietary fiber, and are rich in antioxidants and iron. Dates may improve brain function, bone health, and digestion. They are also a low glycemic index food, so if you're sensitive to sugar the date is a great choice for you.

Our Dashew Butters are also loaded with organic superfoods, and we'll get into those later, but wanted to discuss the two main ingredients that make up the majority of our awesome butters. Two ingredients that you might be very familiar with if you're vegan or plant based and two ingredients that we love here at One Twenty Nine. What about you? Do you like to snack on cashews? Do you love a good date as much as we do? Let us know!

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