A Little Bit About Berry Bliss

Berry Bliss is our most popular flavor! Tart cranberries, mixed with sweet beets and antioxidant rich pomegranate make this berry treat perfect for both adults and children!

Why Cranberry, beet, and pomegranate?

Many people consider cranberries a superfood. They are high in fiber, may help lower cholesterol, and even fight off gum disease! Our Berry Bliss Dashew Butter has organic cranberry juice. Literally just juiced organic cranberries. This antioxidant rich drink makes our Dashew Butter perfectly tart.

Beets help your blood flow and boost energy levels, which makes our Berry Bliss the perfect pre-workout snack. Beets also strengthen your immune system, have anti-aging properties, and help fight inflammation. Organic beet root powder is what adds the perfect amount of sweetness to this Dashew Butter.

Our organic pomegranate powder provides all the benefits of pomegranate without the need for banging on the skin with a wooden spoon for hours just to get the seeds out. Pomegranates are high in vitamin C and antioxidants, and may aid digestion.

The superfood benefits of cranberries, immune boosting beets, and antioxidant rich pomegranates get together to make our Berry Bliss Dashew Butter a customer favorite!

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